Thank you for visiting the site and downloading the files.  I can only do so much with this information and would very much appreciate whatever you can do to help spread the Gospel! This is a quick and easy way to spread God's Word.  Christ's teachings are powerful.  Nobody can evangelize like Jesus, but he needs us to carry the Good News to others.  You can touch  people I will never be able to reach.  You have permission to copy and share this with anyone. Thank you again for helping spread the truth and planting seeds that will win souls for the Kingdom!  God will reward you for being a fisher of men.

Please remember the words of the Lord Jesus...

"Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation."  Mark 16:15

"The harvest is truly great but the workers are few."  Luke 10:2

Right click on each file and select  the "Save Target As..." option.  Choose a place to store them on your computer.  Once you have downloaded them, you can then burn them on discs.  A Microsoft Word document that contains the Scriptures used on the audio files is also posted. This document can be printed and handed out with the cd or by itself.

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Thanks again!  May you bless God and may God bless you!